The Pixel Farm Education Subscriptions

At The Pixel Farm, we’re incredibly proud of our uniquely innovative software and with the biggest names in the industry working with us and our products, the correct tools are key in this game. They say “begin as you mean to go on” and to help budding artists with their first steps into the commercial world, our highly discounted Education Packs and Campus Licenses are available for PFTrack and PFClean, allowing universities and training academies access to great products at great prices. We don’t hold back, our education customers receive the exact same software that our commercial customers* do, allowing you to teach and learn without limits.


Inspire with PFTrack and PFClean

Campus License

Created with universities in mind, The Campus License allows the university multiple licenses, floating from our PFLic License Server, for unlimited learning potential.

The Campus License consists of:

• 99 x 12 month floating licenses.

• PFLic License Server.

The Education Pack

The popular Education Pack is back with additional flexibility. The 10-pack of licenses are nodelocked, but with a twist. Using our PFLicenseManager, they can be transferred** for learning on the go.

The Education Pack consists of:

• 10 x 12 month nodelocked licenses.

• Freely reassign licenses to any computer on campus.



Education Packs and Campus Licenses can be purchased for PFTrack and PFClean, allowing Universities great products at great prices. All we ask in return is that you share your work with the VFX/Restoration industry and spread the word about The Pixel Farm.

*Education Licenses can only be used for the purposes of educating students in attendance to the specific academic institute purchasing the license and cannot be used commercially. The 12 month subscription includes all software upgrades within that period.
**Using the PFLicenseManager, your designated Account Administrator has the ability to move the licenses from one machine to another for additional flexibility. License transfers are limited to once every 24 hours, up to 5 times a month.

To Add Our Products To Your Curriculum, Please Contact Us

All students and instructors are encouraged to get involved with The Pixel Farm products and userbase, share work ideas, and interact with industry professionals by joining our Google+ User Community. Students and other individuals wishing to learn our products are catered for with our free Personal Learning Edition software versions. The PLE contains all the functionality of our commercial releases, but exporting is disabled. To download a PLE license of our software, register for a free user account, and login to the User Area.

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