License Management

In a fast-evolving production environment with large-scale collaborative workflows spanning multiple sites, there is a growing need for software solutions to be deployed more flexibly.

On the move between facility sites and on-set locations? Switching between host machines? Testing hardware configurations? The Pixel Farm have developed a user-administered software licensing scheme to meet your needs, keep you mobile and keep your options open, wherever your project takes you.

We Offer 2 Different License Types

License type must be specified at the time of purchase. Floating licenses require additional purchase of the PFLic License Server.

NodeLocked | But Still Flexible

Our nodelocked licenses differ from the competition, because at The Pixel Farm we believe you should be able to use your license where you want to. Our nodelocked license is locked to a machine as you would expect, but using our embedded License Manager tool, you are free to transfer your license to any other machine that suits you without the hassle of having to contact our support team. Limited to once every 24 hours, up to 5 times a month.

Floating | Right Out of The Door

Facilities that purchase PFLic to deploy multiple floating seats of our software are rewarded with the ultimate flexibility. Using tools built directly into our software, you can administer, revoke, transfer, re-deploy and even tear off a license from a PFLic license server and take it on set – then later add it back into ‘the pool’ on return. As we said, total flexibility with the user’s requirements in mind.

The PFLic & License Manager User Guide

Management and deployment of licenses couldn’t simpler and requires no handling by any third party, being totally user administered. There’s more information on the license types in the user guide.

PFLic License Server

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License Manager

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