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9 May, 2016 | NEWS, PFCLEAN

PFClean 2016 is our most significant upgrade ever, introducing completely new video restoration engine alongside a more powerful workflow manager and greatly extended film restoration pipeline. Restore, remaster, repurpose – faster, more efficiently and across more media than previously possible, and all within one single application.

The Telerack

A completely new, ultra high performance video restoration engine. PFClean’s Telerack is designed to run optimally on PC workstation hardware, and is a cost effective, yet feature packed alternative to expensive hardware video restoration systems. Incredibly flexible in deployment and specifically designed to be used for end to end restoration of tape based media, teletrack can concurrently digitise, restore, standard convert and transcode with a single button press. Utilising smarter algorithms than equivalent hardware systems for better visual results, this is THE tool for fast, automatic, cleanup of tape based video formats.

  • Simple to use filter stacks – accelerated restoration filters to tackle a large number of common video and telecine defects.
  • GPU accelerated for speed – near real time processing from a single GPU for PAL resolution clips.
  • Instantaneous results – Fast GPU Processing enables responsive feedback of parameter changes, which in turn means faster decisions.
  • Presets – Build your own personal set of restoration presets that can be used time and time again and even shared with colleagues.
  • Simplicity – Simple to use UI with reduced parameter sets for filters means a shallow learning curve for inexperienced operators.
  • Standards Based – Choose your standard, all shots automatically pipe into the node.
  • Live Shot Boundary Detection – No need to pre-cut clips, Telerack sees no boundaries.

The Workflow Manager

The backbone of the PFClean project, the Workflow Manager has been completely reworked to allow even bigger projects to be constructed and managed in a flexible and easy to use manner and with greater feedback and control of batch processing.

  • Completely new Design – Redeveloped to be more logically laid out, with more of the hidden tools exposed. Productivity redefined.
  • Standards Workflow – a key component of the new Workflow Manager is the ability to filter clips based on their standards to autoflow into appropriate work spaces.
  • Reworked batch processing – the batch processing has been improved to (i) better report progress, i.e. more uniform updates and to report run times, throughput speed and estimated time to completion; and (ii) take a more robust and fault tolerant approach to error handling.

The Workbench

The heart of PFClean, previously the Edit Panel, our restoration engine that is trusted and loved by artists and archivists worldwide has been replaced by the Workbench. This is the tool where in-depth, per-clip, manual and automatic restoration effects are applied. Even more powerful in use, it will make you more productive.

  • Effects stack redesign – More powerful, more flexible, more informative.
  • Presets – Complex sets of effects can be stored, recalled and transferred between projects to be used as a starting point for new projects and/or automated workflows.
  • Edit mode – View one effect while editing the parameters for another higher up the stack.
  • Playblast – the new lighter memory caching tool for real-time review of clips. Disk renders are a thing of the past.
  • Worklists – the new easy and intuitive way to create and manage lists of clips to be worked on. 
  • Improved copy/paste – Completely new copy and paste tools allow entire effects stacks to be transferred across clips, with user editable options. Manual effects, ROIs, masks and trackers can now be copied between clips.
  • Effects Stack Locking – Ability to lock effects stack against accidental changes.
  • Extended Q/A panel – The Undo panel has been redesigned to form the  Q/A panel. It features behind-the-scene optimisation in the way it handles data, and additional UI elements to for multi frame undos.

New Export Manager

Elements of the Workflow Manager and Batch Processing combined to make export strategies easier to manage across larger projects whilst simultaneously reducing operator workload.

  • Designed to ease planning and production of multiple deliverables from a single source.
  • ‘Export all’ button allows the entire PFClean project to be processed and rendered to disk with a single click.
  • Tightly integrated with multithreaded batch processing engine.
  • Ability to export individual clips and/or user defined frame ranges.
  • Better handling and logging of errors while exporting.


Other Notable Changes and Enhancements

Format Standards – Upon import, clips are automatically assigned a standard format, based on the clip’s properties.

  • Ability to add user defined standards
  • Use standards to autoflow work through pre-defined Workflow Manager pipelines

Performance – Many core technologies have been rewritten from the ground up to take advantage current hardware resulting in performance increases across the board.

  • OpenCL 2.0
  • Faster project reads and writes.
  • New locations for disk caches can be easily defined and removed.

Optimised Auto Dirt Fix effect

The Workbench’s Auto Dirt Fix effect has been optimised to get the same reliable results faster.

  • Up to 2 x performance increase (hardware permitting).
  • Massively reduced memory footprint when more than one Auto Dirt Fix effect is present in the same effect stack.
  • Choose to store metadata on disk or re-calculate on the fly based on your requirements.

Quicktime on Mac – Completely re-written Quicktime support on the Mac is now 64 bit native, making it faster, more memory efficient and increases stability over older 32 bit libraries. (Not available for Windows or LInux).

Remaster node – The familiar remastering toolset more logically laid out and easier to use.

  • Remaster and Pan & Scan settings at your fingertips in the new Cinema side panel.
  • Remaster presets share the format standard definitions used throughout the application.


Standards node – Redesigned to use updated workflow tools improving batch processing performance and further productivity enhancements.

  • Updated user interface to incorporate Cinema side panel
  • Supports the format standard definitions used throughout the application.
  • Conversion parameters can be stored in preset.
  • Cache results to disk for review and huge speed increases when rendering multiple deliverables.


Redesigned Media Admin – More tightly integrated into the project pipeline making it easier to manage clips and resolve issues.

  • Focus on relevant clip information about the clips
  • Linked to all workspaces via standards makes it easier to locate clips to modify or update.
  • Clip properties grouped into format standard definitions used throughout the application.


Updated Project Structure – Many  aspects of the software have been optimized too to reducing project disk size and load times.

  • The metadata PFClean generates has been streamlined to reduce the average size of projects on disk.
  • Improved robustness against project file corruption.


Due to the large amount of code redevelopment that has been necessary for PFClean 2016, many of the previously reported bugs have now been negated. Users are advised to re-submit any existing bugs they may have been aware previous to PFClean 2016. Any bugs found must be reported through the in-app bug reporting tools or via the User Area. Bugs sent to ‘’ can no longer be prioritised and will only be addressed on an ad hoc basis.

User Support Materials

Notifications – a new embedded notification system directly pushes information about new features, product releases and tutorials into the application.

Embedded reference guide – Updated reference manual is easier to access from within the application.

Online tutorial blog – A new online tutorial blog category is now embedded in our website. All tutorial content is being brought to this area, along with all required support material for easier access by users.

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