New Photo Mesh Simplification Tools and Texturing Pipeline in PFTrack

16 Sep, 2016 | NEWS, PFTRACK

To expand our renowned photogrammetry toolset and unlock innovative pipelines in PFTrack, we have introduced simplification tools to the Photo Mesh node. Now with the option to simplify a mesh model, the Photo Mesh is more powerful than ever. It allows you to pass a mesh downstream for further processing in PFTrack, and export the simplified model as low resolution meshes for game assets and VR environments.

new-workflowBy applying the simplification tool, a mesh can then be passed directly to the Texture Extraction node in order to generate texture maps. With this added functionality, all the essential steps of your modelling pipeline are now available directly inside of PFTrack.

These new features will open up a world of opportunities, particularly for asset generation in the VFX, VR and games markets. To demonstrate what is possible with our powerful photogrammetry toolset, we generated our very own assets, an example of which you can see in the below image. These assets are available for download here.

On top of this, we also created our very own interactive 3D scene by exporting our PFTrack assets directly to the game development platform, Unity. Find out more about our Unity project, and how Photo Mesh simplifications will be significant for the games industry in this blog post.

You can learn much more about the new Photo Mesh simplification tools and Texture Extraction pipeline in PFTrack, by following our in depth Photo Mesh tutorial.

For users that are not on the 2016 release of PFTrack, you can download the PLE copy to check out these new features by following the link below.

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