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PFMatchit™ Introduction

Built for tracking

For day-in, day-out 3D camera and object tracking, there is simply no better place to start than PFMatchit. Built with hardcore matchmoving in mind, PFMatchit has all of the tools you need for making quick work of the toughest tracks. And its distinctive node-based workflow offers complete control over even the most complicated matchmoves, ensuring only the most accurate data contributes to the final shot.

Node Based Workflow
General Workflow

Tools of the trade

PFMatchit offers the best lens management, camera and object tracking, survey-based matchmoving, scene orientation, test object, and calibration tools, along with full control over virtually every parameter that defines how a shot is solved. There is simply no better tracking tool than PFMatchit.

A team player

The Pixel Farm’s Python API allows PFMatchit to be integrated into any post production workflow. Custom nodes can be built that expose only the parameters needed by the artist, and many functions can be driven from the command line, allowing PFMatchit to be paired with proprietary or off-the-shelf workflow management systems. And because its from The Pixel Farm, you know it plays well with the rest of the herd. PFMatchit projects can be opened in PFTrack to take advantage of even more advanced CG integration tools.

Minimum system specifications for PFMatchit can be found here.

PFMatchit. Great things start here.

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