Spherical Tracking Toolset added to PFTrack

23 Sep, 2016 | NEWS, PFTRACK

We are excited to introduce the all new spherical tracking toolset in PFTrack; your fast track to creating incredible 360° content for VFX, VR, games and more.

This toolset comprises of three brand new nodes: Spherical Track, Spherical Orient and Spherical Render.

The Spherical Track Node

A fast, streamlined solution for tracking and solving the full equirectangular image from 360° cameras. The node tracks six cameras at once from the equirectangular panorama, all aligned and contained in the same scene, which are then passed downstream through the node tree, opening up the full potential of PFTrack’s renowned feature set.

The Spherical Orient Node

Stabilise the camera rotation of your spherical track, as well as re-orient your panorama and focus your front view on animatable look-at points.

The Spherical Render Node

Finally render your new equirectangular panorama, which used alongside tracking data from the six cameras, offers VFX artists a fully equipped spherical toolset for 360° content creation at their fingertips.

Unlocking Unique Opportunities

Solved spherical cameras can be used like any other camera in PFTrack, unlocking the existing toolset such as the Object Solver, Geometry Tracking, Object Tracking and the esteemed photogrammetry tools, providing creative opportunities unique to PFTrack.

And saving the best till last, the recently updated Photo Mesh node has been extended to enable the creation of  a mesh directly from the cameras of the spherical panorama. Find out more about the new features in Photo Mesh here.

Want to Know More?

To learn how to use the spherical tracking toolset in PFTrack, we’ve created a brand new tutorial covering everything you need to know to get started and walk you through the new features.

We also take you behind the scenes on our 360° adventure in our new blog post, sharing what we learnt on our quest to shoot great 360° footage with some of the most cost-effective VR cameras on the market.   

Not a user of PFTrack or don’t have the 2016 Version, but want to try out this epic new feature? Download the free PLE version of PFTrack to test out the spherical tracking toolset for yourself. Follow the link below to find out more.

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