The Pixel Farm Training Academy is taking a winter break

Thank you to all the professionals, students and users in general who attended our training during 2017 and provided us with their excellent feedback for us to carry into next year. Our courses will be back early next year with updated content for the 2018 products and an improved structure making it even easier to become a qualified master of The Pixel Farm’s products. See you in January 2018.


Welcome to the Pixel Farm’s Training Academy. Here you will find all the resources you need to take you from a novice to an industry pro, this is your opportunity to learn PFTrack and PFClean directly from our product specialists.

Designed to provide an unrivalled learning experience, you will find self-paced learning courses and technical briefings for best practices and answers to frequently asked questions and at the end, The Pixel Farm certification you can take forward into industry.

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