The Pixel Farm Training Courses

The Pixel Farm training courses are a great opportunity to grow your knowledge of PFTrack and PFClean. Whether you’re a new user of our software, looking to refresh your existing skills or you simply want to see a demo of the latest version, this is your chance to learn PFTrack and PFClean directly from our product specialists.

Beginning with the fundamentals of the software, your course will consist of 3 training levels that will take you on a journey to becoming a pro in the software. Each level will include a live class hosted by our product specialists, followed by extended study materials made up of Tutorials and Knowledge Base articles to help you master the topics featured in the class.

Designed to provide a one-to-one learning experience, our classes allow you to work alongside our product specialists and conclude with a Q&A session, where you are encouraged to ask any questions about the topics covered.

For more information on the course structure, click the links below;

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The training courses will repeat monthly, so if you can’t make it to a session, there’ll always be another chance to join in. As an added bonus, classes will take place at two times of day to allow attendees from across the globe to participate. Places are limited to 50 people for each workshop so make sure you register early to ensure your place.

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