User Support

Operational Support

Our Operational Support Subscription is a technical support element offered as an optional value-added service. This paid for service adds flexibility and peace of mind to users. If help is required, The Pixel Farm support team can be contacted directly to assist with everything from gaining a better understanding of the tools themselves, to advice on the most efficient and effective ways to address the artistic challenges of a given shot. A fixed annual fee will provide access to our support team through a priority ticketed system, irrespective of the number of licenses owned.

User Area

The User Area is a website completely separate from our corporate site. This is a dedicated area to download PLE versions of software, track the progress of submitted bugs and feature enhancements into released versions of software, and access product specific tutorials from The Pixel Farm and third parties.

User Community

We’ve created a Community where users can engage with each other and discuss topics such as feature enhancements you would like to see in the software, share example projects and workflows, knowledge-sharing and advice, customer feedback, industry articles and news and product specific jobs. The forums are open to anyone who has a Google+ account, regardless of product ownership status.

Still Need Help?

If you’ve tried absolutely everything, but still haven’t found what you’re looking for, then drop us a line below. You won’t get as fast a response as you will with our inap tools, but we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.


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