Up to 85% discounts for learning institutes


Using the right tools are essential in this game, which is why we offer universities and education institutions huge discounts on the exact same software that our commercial customers use, enabling you to teach your students to the highest standards.

Discounted software for teachers, lecturers, universities and college labs.

At The Pixel Farm, we’re incredibly proud of our uniquely innovative software, with the biggest names in the industry working with us and our products which is why we offer universities and education institutions discounts of up to 85% on the same software that our commercial customers use, allowing you to teach your students to learn to the highest standards without limits.

Discounted education products…

  • Are issued to accredited educational institutions, which grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.
  • Managed by faculty members, professors, IT support staff, and other official representatives of your educational organisation.
  • Need a named license administrator to manage and pay for the entitlements in the institutes designated PFAccount.
  • Must be used only for teaching students attending classes.
  • Not provided for personal use to individual students. Students buy your discounted software here.
  • May not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Can not be used for the internal training of staff and employees at commercial companies.
  • Can not be used for the internal development of your organisation’s products or services.

Further questions ?

Who can apply for an education account ?
  • Faculty and staff at qualifying education institutions such as universities and colleges that grants degrees requiring no less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.
I am a student, can I apply for this offer ?
  • No. This offer is for the places that teach you. We provide a student specific discount which you apply for here.
How can we renew our classroom entitlements for another year ?
  • You can purchase directly through us (The Pixel Farm) or via a local resller.
What is an entitlement, and why should I care ?
  • At The Pixel Farm we consider ‘licenses’ to be an old school concept. We use ‘entitlements’ which are your entitlement to use a product for a set period of time with extended management and support terms.
  • A ‘Flexible Entitlement’ is just that. A time-limited option, varying from 90 to 365 Days with the added flexibility where you set them up once, install them across your classrooms and labs, but only pay for the amount of time you need. 
How are entitlements managed ?
  • The discounted education products are the same as our commercial products and are deployed via our enterprise-class licensing tool, PFBucket. We have created a video explanation for you. More information here.
We don’t want to set up a floating license server. What should we do ?
  • We only provide floating licences for universities.
How is Support provided ?
  • Technical support is provided directly to the PFAccount administrators via instant messaging built in to PFBucket.
  • Technical support is included for the duration of any flexible entitlement purchased.
  • This is for faculty staff only. Not students.