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Inspire with PFTrack & PFClean

At The Pixel Farm, we’re incredibly proud of our uniquely innovative software, with the biggest names in the industry working with us and our products. Using the right tools are key in this game, which is why we offer our highly discounted Education Packs to universities and institutions, helping budding artists start on the right path on their journey into the commercial world. Our Education customers receive the exact same software that our commercial customers do, allowing you to teach and your students to learn at the highest standards without limits.

Education Pack – PFTrack


Whats included?

10 x PFTrack Campus Entitlements

30 x Free Remote Student Entitlements (VPN)

12 Month Subscription



Education Pack – PFClean


Whats included?

5 x PFClean Campus Entitlements

10 x Free Remote Student Entitlements (VPN)

12 Month Subscription



Start inspiring with PFTrack & PFClean now

To make our products part of your curriculum, click the button below to request your Education Account right now.


Education Account Overview

The Pixel Farm provides our products to qualifying education institutes allowing universities and training academies access to great products at great prices. Currently available for PFTrack and PFClean, our education customers receive the exact same software that our commercial customers do. Before you can buy our discounted education packs, you need to apply for and receive approval for, and education account.

Applying for an Education Account.

Any education institute wishing to use our products in their curriculum must first apply for Education Account. This is a simple process of filling in a short application form, and forwarding to our sales team. If your application meets the required criteria your account will be setup for you and you will be notified by the email address provided at the time of application. If your application does not meet with the criteria set out by The Pixel Farm we will instead contact you with a reason for rejection. If you have any questions at all, contact the sales team using the contact us form on this website.

Who is eligible?

The education account is specifically for academic institutions such as an accredited public or private university or college that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study. Applications from the following will not be considered;

  • Research projects.
  • Commercial use of any kind.
  • Internal training.
  • Online Training Services.
  • Individual Students.

How are entitlements managed?

The Education account uses the newly released management tool, PFBucket, and comes pre configured with numerous entitlements to be used in your computing labs, with an additional number of entitlements that can be used by individual students off campus for their studies.

PFBucket is our enterprise grade remote entitlement management tool designed for system administrators to deploy hundreds of entitlements with ease and is a requirement for all subscriptions provided under the Education account. It is included in the price of subscription.

How is Support provided?

Technical support is included free of charge for the duration of the 12 month subscription and is provided through a direct messaging system built into the PFBucket application. Technical support covers setting software up, entitlements management and bug reporting.

Operational support is not included, and we cannot offer any support services to students of any kind. Students and lecturers can enrol at the PFAcademy for product specific training and join our LinkedIn user groups to discuss topics, share tips and ask for help using our products in the field.

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