Operational Support Subscription

The Operational Support Subscription can be purchased at any time, and offers peace of mind to company owners, producers and managers alike that no matter what your project, we will help you get the most out of our software and your project done. 

A fixed annual fee provides access to our support team, irrespective of the number of product entitlements owned. When help is required, an Operational Support subscription provides a tangible benefit of talking to The Pixel Farm’s product specialists through a direct messaging system to assist with everything from gaining a better understanding of the tools themselves, setting up hardware and systems to make your facility more productive, through advice on the most efficient and effective ways to address the technical challenges of a given shot.


Details of the Operational Support Subscription


  • A current product entitlement is required to purchase or renew an Operational Support Subscription

Since an Operational Support Subscription can be purchased at any time, and is not based on a calendar year, its expiry may be beyond the date of expiry of a Software Maintenance Subscription. However, the Operational Support Subscription cannot be renewed unless there is an active Software Maintenance Subscription associated with the account.

  • Operational Support Subscriptions are applicable to a single installation site.

In the case of larger companies with multiple locations, a unique subscription must be purchased for each location requesting support.

  • A single support ticket per subscription may be active at any time.

If an additional support ticket must be submitted, the first ticket must be marked as “Resolved”, or an additional Operational Support Subscription must be purchased.

  • Any number of Operational Support Subscriptions may be taken out, provided at least one Software Maintenance Subscription is active.
  • Each Operational Support Subscription is applicable to all licenses owned across the entire Pixel Farm product range regardless of the quantity.
  • The Operational Support Subscription permits users to submit and complete a support reques

Submitted through the embedded tools in the application itself, and tied to a user account.

  • Support cases are ticketed with ongoing assistance provided throughout until a final resolution of the inquiry has been achieved.
  • Support will only be provided on the current calendar version of the software.



Buy Operational Support Subscription US$629.00

Available for purchase through The Pixel Farm PFAccount Portal or our Value Added Resellers.

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