PFClean Documentation Digital Wet Gate  

Display Controls

Digital Wet Gate's display controls

The Edit ROI button can be used to adjust the region of interest (ROI) that is processed by the Digital Wet Gate. To adjust the ROI, click and drag on the yellow border rectangle with the left mouse button.

The Show Defects button can be used to highlight pixels that have been identified as defects (either from a defect map, or by dirt/dust/scratch detection). Pixels from a defect map are coloured light-blue; pixels detected as dirt are coloured red, and those detected as scratches are coloured green. A pixel that has been marked as both dirt and scratch is coloured yellow.

The change in each pixel colour when compared to the original clip can be examined by enabling the Show Difference option. This will display an overlay in the Cinema window that illustrates the difference between the processed and original images, where a neutral grey value indicates no difference, and brighter/darker pixels indicate changes in pixel colour. This will show changed in texture, as well as defect correction.