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The Telerack pipeline

Telerack provides a fixed pipeline of filters to address a range of common video and film based defects. The filters and their parameters are available on the left side of the Cinema in the order that they will be applied to the base clip. Each filter addresses a certain type of defect and can be turned on or off as needed. The up/down cursor keys or the mouse scroll wheel can be used to scroll the pipeline of available filters. The Cinema will always show the result of the full pipeline applied to the clip.


Filters can be switch on on or off by toggling the On/Off button on the right-hand side. The button next to it turns the filter into solo mode. When in solo mode, no other filter will be applied to the clip.

Note that scrolling the pipeline is disabled while in solo mode.

Clicking the help button on the left will open this page scrolled to the relevant filter in a web browser.

All clips in the node will be processed using the same pipeline with the same filter parameters.

Pipeline presets

A pipeline can be stored as a preset, to be reused in other Telerack nodes in the same project. To create a preset from the current pipeline, click the Store button in the Telerack presets panel.


To replace the current pipeline with a preset, select that preset and click Use