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Z-Depth Cache

The Z-Depth Cache node can be used to render z-depth data to a local disk, accelerating playback when complex z-depth modifications have been made.

A disk cache location can be created in the System Preferences window. Further information is provided in the Preferences section.

Render Cache: Clicking this button will render the input clip to the cache location specified in the cache menu.

Once the clip is cached, the button icon will change to show that the image data has been cached successfully: Clear Cache. Clicking the button again will clear the clip from the disk cache and free the disk space used.

The text browser will display information such as the filename of the cached data, the pixel format, number of frames, and the total disk space used by the file.

Note that if a cache node is deleted, the cache file will be removed from disk. Un-doing the delete operation will not recover the clip files, however, which must be generated again by clicking on the Cache button.