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Unrivalled Tracking

PFTrack offers a wide range of automated and manual tools for tracking cameras, objects, geometry and all other daily matchmoving needs. This comprehensive suite ensures unmatched precision, delivering seamless integration and exceptional results.




Use PFTrack’s robust photogrammetry capabilities to enable precise camera placement while simultaneously and effortlessly re-creating 3D environments from static images or video footage.

Trusted Workflow

From small projects with only a few nodes to massive node trees spanning multiple branches generating vast amounts of 3D data. PFTracks’ trusted workflow and intuitive user interface make complex tasks fast, flexible and straightforward.


Whether using a complex high-end anamorphic or an off-the-shelf spherical stills lens, when reality gets bent out of shape, PFTrack’s trusted distortion tools are there to set it right. With support for calibrating from a grid, ST maps and the export of undistorted plates, make PFTrack the hub of your distortion pipeline.

Accuracy With Ease

Sophisticated image analysis and feature matching techniques allow PFTrack to tackle complex camera moves, even in challenging conditions such as low-light environments, fast motion, or occlusions. PFTrack’s precision and reliability make it a trusted choice for matchmoving professionals and rookies alike.

Lidar survey data

With PFTrack’s intuitive user interface, you can effortlessly incorporate Lidar survey data into your projects, ensuring that the cameras and virtual elements you add to your scenes align precisely with the physical environment.

Flexible exports

From just one clip, generate a wealth of valuable 3D data and assets and effortlessly export them in various recognised industry-standard formats, such as Pixar’s USD, enabling seamless integration into your preferred workflows, applications, and platforms.


Elevate your VFX workflow with PFTrack’s extended and industry leading metadata support. Whether you’re initialising camera positions in photogrammetry or utilising the extensive lens data such as Cooke’s iData™ and Arri’s LDS™ systems, PFTrack will get you results faster than competing products.

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Large studios and enterprises should use the above version of PFTrack to evaluate features and product suitability for your pipeline. When you’re ready, reach out to us to discuss the benefits of an Enterprise account.


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