Discounted Student Software


We provide Students with a huge 85% discount on our commercial software products. Allowing students to learn to the highest standards without limits.

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Discounted software subscriptions for students.

We offer students an 85% discount on the exact same software which is being used by the pros without restriction. That’s right, unlike other student licensing we actively encourage you to get out there and use our products in anger in the field as well as the classroom. 

Discounted student software is…

  • Available to any student registered to an accredited educational institute from a database of 11,000+ recognised courses.
  • Provided for personal use to individual students.
  • Allowed to be used for commercial purposes such as freelancing, personal projects and anywhere you can find an opportunity to work during your education.
  • Obviously used for your course work too ; )
  • Not for faculty members, professors, IT support staff, and other official representatives of your educational organisation. See education discounts here.
  • Not qualified for our commercial support. Sorry there are just too many of you to help : ) see below for more info where you can get support.
  • Not to be rented out or loaned to another individual or company.

Further questions ?

Who can apply for discounted student subscriptions ?
  • Students at qualifying education institutions such as universities and colleges that grants degrees requiring no less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.
What can I get ?
  • After a succesful application, you can purchase one annual subscription for PFTrack and PFClean only. That should be more than enough to keep you busy.
I just tried to apply but my place of study is not listed on your database !
  • No problem, speak to someone in authority where you study and ask them to follow the steps here.
How long is the Student subscription valid for?
  • Each subscription is valid for one year, and you can renew up to a maximum of 3 consecutive years.
What is an entitlement, and why should I care ?
  • At The Pixel Farm we consider ‘licenses’ to be an old school concept. We use ‘entitlements’ which are your entitlement to use a product for a set period of time with extended management and support terms.
What type of entitlement does the discounted student subscription use?
  • You will receive a static entitlement, that is tied to one computer at a time. You can move the entitlement to a new computer but must first de-activate it from the old one.
I am a lecturer, can I apply for this offer ?
  • No. This offer is for students only. Lecturers, academic staff and learning institutes should register for a discounted academic account here.
How is Support provided ?
  • We are not able to provide direct support using our support team, there are simply to many of you. Don’t worry, you still get accesss to all online documentation, free access to the PFAcademy to get you started on our products, and you can join our official linkedin user group for The Pixel Farm.