The PFAccount is the administration hub used by owners, sys admins, IT dudes or the person responsible for purchasing, general account handing, license management and all the other important administrative duties in your PFWorld.


If you have active maintenance and need any help managing or updating your software entitlements, or resolving any issues with getting your application up and running on your workstations, you can contact The Pixel Farm directly using the instant messaging tools built directly into the the PFBucket desktop app.


Everything you need to know about PFTrack & PFClean from reference guides, how to’s, best usage practices and keyboard commands all contained in a lightweight, multi-platform engine for your convenience. Covers products and licensing.


Want to become a pro in PFTrack or PFClean? Attend our free training academy and undertake a number of self paced learning and live training workshops to gain industry recognised qualifications, from the best tutors possible – The Pixel Farms own product specialists.


Why not follow us on Medium where we have our PFTrack and PFClean publications, focussing on technical guides, user success stories, guides and other information related to matchmoving and digital film and video restoration helping you to get the best results from our software.