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Support for Commercial Accounts

Our support team is on hand to provide expert guidance to help you use our technology in the most effective ways for the daily grind. Available to all users of commercial products with a current maintenance contract or subscription, our embedded support tools help you minimise downtime. Secure instant messaging and file upload tools connect you directly to specialists who know your business and technical environment.

Technical Support

If you need any help in managing or updating your software entitlements, or resolving any issues with getting your application up and running on your workstations, you can contact The Pixel Farm directly using instant messaging built directly into the PFBucket Desktop app or in the PFAccount web portal.

User Support

Your software is up and running, and now you need help getting the best from it, advice on the best way to approach a project or even general advice about hardware helping to avoid issues before they occur. Push the in-app user support button and the answers you seek are one click away from our team of product specialists.

Commercial customers owning product entitlements without current maintenance should contact the sales team via the live chat to discuss your options. If you are experiencing issues installing software or administering product entitlements and are unable to use the in-app support tools, you should contact us via the form below.