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If you’re looking for help with our software, you’ve come to the right place. Discover and learn about user support, official training programs, the all important PFAccount and more.

New PFManager App

For 2018 we’ve introduced an entirely new way to manage our software products on the desktop putting users in control.

Install and manage your software entitlements, contact support directly, keep up to date with in app messaging and service updates, and install and remove software painlessly without the need to go to the account administrator.

Other Support Services

The PFAccount

The PFAccount is the administration hub used by owners, sys admins, IT dudes or the person responsible for purchasing, general account handing, license management and all the other important administrative duties in your PFWorld.

Dedicated Support Resource Area

Everything you need to know about our software is now located on a dedicated site containing reference manuals, how to’s and other essential information to enable you to get the best out of our software products.

Operational Support

The Operational Support Subscription is a cost effective bolt on to the standard technical support provided with software, and offers peace of mind to company owners, producers and managers alike that no matter what the project, we will help you get the most out of our software and your project done. When help is required, The Pixel Farm’s product specialists may be contacted to assist with everything from gaining a better understanding of the tools themselves, through advice on the most efficient and effective ways to address the technical challenges of a given shot.


Want to become a pro in PFTrack or PFClean? Attend our free training academy and undertake a number of self paced learning and live training workshops to gain industry recognised qualifications, from the best tutors possible – The Pixel Farm’s own product specialists.

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