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Support from The Pixel Farm

If you’re looking for help with our software, you’ve come to the right place. Discover and learn about user support, official training programs, the all important PFAccount and more.


Want to become a pro in PFTrack or PFClean? Attend our free training academy and undertake
a number of self paced learning and live training workshops to gain industry recognised
qualifications, from the best tutors possible – The Pixel Farms own product specialists.

Extended Learning On Medium

As a part of the brand new PFAcademy we also have our extended learning articles on Medium,
featuring technical guides and other important information related to restoration and
matchmoving, with The Pixel Farm’s PFClean and PFTrack.

The PFAccount

The PFAccount is the administration hub used by owners, sys admins, IT dudes or the person
responsible for purchasing, general account handing, license management and all the other
important administrative duties in your PFWorld

User Area

Our new user area, containing essential information and support resources to enable you to get
the absolute best out of working with our software products.


Everything you need to know about The Pixel Farms applications from reference guides, how
to’s and best usage practices, contained in a lightweight, multi-platform engine for your
convenience. Covers products and licensing.

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