In Glorious Technicolor: How Pinewood Restored British History with PFClean

Behind the iconic gates of the world-famous Pinewood Studios lies its media preservation, restoration and archiving facility. With PFClean in its arsenal, Pinewood’s team…

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PFClean 2017 released

The wait is over. For 2017 PFClean steps further ahead of the competition, bringing digital and physical restoration even closer. With the introduction of our Digital Wet Gate, and the revamped Standards conversion, alternatives are no longer required.

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PFTrack 2017 released

PFTrack 2017 is possibly our biggest upgrade since the introduction of the highly acclaimed node tree in 2011. Integrating PFDepth has allowed us to create a groundbreaking next generation of PFTrack unrivalled by any other app on features, functionality and outright innovation.

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Spherical Tracking Toolset added to PFTrack

We are excited to introduce the all new spherical tracking toolset in PFTrack; your fast track to creating incredible 360° content for VFX, VR, games and more. This toolset comprises of three brand new nodes: Spherical Track, Spherical Orient and Spherical Render…

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