The Core Concepts of Matchmoving 

If you’re interested in matchmoving and looking to improve your skills and grow your knowledge, you’ll need to know the core concepts covered in these articles written with the combined knowledge of our in-house product specialists.

Camera crew setting up for a shot

Types of camera movement explained

Camera motion, shot size and angle are an important part of the matchmoving process.
Five images of matchmoving issues

5 Issues that could derail your camera tracks

Spotting issues that could derail your camera tracks saves time during your matchmoving jobs. This post lists 5 along with possible fixes.
Camera crew setting up for a shot

Camera sensors and their effect on matchmoving

The stress levels are rising, the deadline is looming and the shot you’re working on is taking far longer to matchmove than you first thought. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there! 

Perspective view of a building

Camera angles and shot sizes explained

Following on from our previous article on camera motion we take a look at the industry terms used to describe camera shot size and angle.

Red cinema camera with Cooke lens

Understanding lenses when matchmoving

In this article we focus purely on the lens, a component many consider to be the most influential factor in the look of a film…