Support from The Pixel Farm

If you’re looking for help with our software, you’ve come to the right place. Discover and learn about user support, licensing, our software release strategy, the all important PFAccount and more.

Training Workshops

Want to become a pro in PFTrack or PFClean? Join our free training workshops for an exclusive opportunity to learn about our products directly from our specialists.

User Support

Are you looking for extra help with using our products? Find out how to get technical support from The Pixel Farm, or join our community where fellow users share work, knowledge and advice.

Software Maintenance Policies

Everything you need to know about how we manage and distribute our software  via our innovative maintenance and release policies.

The PFAccount

The PFAccount is the administration hub used by owners, sys admins, IT dudes or the person responsible for purchasing, general account handing, license management and all the other important administrative duties in your PFWorld.

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