For individuals and small studios

Professionals working individually or in small teams can now access a free version of PFTrack for personal development. You can download the software and start honing your skills at no cost! If you wish to use it for work, subscribing is quick and easy.

Personal Development is free​

No registration is required when you first download the software. Learn how to use the software, explore features, try new techniques and plan projects. All for free.

When using PFTrack using the discovery mode, the following restrictions apply;

  • No loading or saving of projects

  • Exporting of data is not available

  • Python scripting is disabled

  • No customisation of the user experience

Work use is paid.

When you are ready, signing up for PFTrack is simple. You can quickly authorise a computer online and pay a monthly fee. You can easily pause and resume your usage anytime, giving you more control over your subscription.

Getting started is easy.

Download the software below and complete the installation process as directed. You’ll be ready to go in just a matter of moments.

Credit and debit cards, Apple pay, and Google Pay are accepted.